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Old School will field a second 2017 Team and a second 2016 Team for the summer.  If you are still looking for a club and are fairly proficient with your skills, we have a place for you...

Please call us for an individual evaluation!!!!  Our needs below as of Nov. 15th, 2013

Needs for 2015  -  2 midfielders, 1 attack

Needs for 2016  (Navy)  1 def. ,  1 midfielder.

Needs for 2016  (Gray)   1 def,  2 midfielders, 1 attack, 1 goalie

Needs for 2017 (Navy)   1 def.,  1 midfielder,  1 goalie

Needs for 2017 (Gray)   1 def.,  2 midfielders, 2 goalies

Tryouts have concluded for the Summer 2014 Season. Please call us....

Old School believes that players should be ability grouped for certain situational concepts and brought together for positional work during practices.  All players will perform high rep drills and increase their knowledge through practice and game time.  For this reason practices are high energy and moving quickly, you only get better by doing it again and again.  Attendance is crucial to get the most benefit form our club. We choose two tournaments and recommend showcases and camps based on player needs and ability so that you are correctly matched with schools that fit your situation.  We are also concerned with getting you better to make your varsity teams (particularly our younger level) and offer our highly successful winter skills clinics.....these are workouts designed to advance your fundamentals so you are ready for competition the moment you step on the field in preseason and are only available to our club members.


FAQ/Details (Please read!!!)

1. Our Policy for Rosters
We always receive a lot of questions about rosters and we would like to make it clear to everyone what goes into our thinking for team selections.
  • Our main objective is to place players in a team environment where they will best grow and develop.
  • Our club philosophy is to develop players first and foremost.
  • We look at several factors when evaluating players -
                            1. Skills, 
                            2. Sport IQ, 
                            3. Speed, 
                            4. Coachability,
                            5. Dependability
                            6. Attitude, 
                            7. Work ethic, 
                            8. Aggressiveness,
                            9. Impact on field.
We know everyone wants their son to play on the top team, but we need to place players on teams where we feel they can get better and will gain confidence. Rosters will never be set in stone, as we will be evaluating players throughout the summer and making roster adjustments. Remember, if your son is on the "top" team but we feel that this team is not the best for his growth, we will also move him to a team where he will develop.

Remember, the message that you send to your son about the team he is on directly influences his experience and his attitude. Confidence is gained by working hard, rising to challenges, and succeeding as an individual - not by what team you are on. We will be happy to share our thoughts with you about your son.

2. Refund Policy
We will ask for a $250 deposit (due Oct. 24) and it is non-refundable.  We have two other dates for tuition payments. Once the payments are received they are non-refundable unless a player suffers a season ending injury during the spring lacrosse season. There will be no refunds after May 1st of that summer season.  

3. Attendance Policy
We fully expect you to be at all practices and tournaments.  College coaches recruit from second week in June to third week in July and that is exactly where our season falls.  Adjust your vacation plans around this so that we have full teams at these events and everyone will benefit.  Missing a tournament/practices will impact playing time at a subsequent tournament, affect our evaluation to college coaches, and possibly selection for the team the following fall or summer.

Other items:
4. Practice times in the summer will always be on Tuesday and Thursday (unless a make up practice is needed.)
5. We will recommend various college showcases around our Old School schedule
6. Our goal is to coordinate your summer with opportunities to succeed, not take up an entire summer and spend money needlessly...
7. Opportunities for Winter Skill sessions will be available
8. Players chosen to play for summer tournament teams will have the opportunity for a fall tournament.  If there are not enough players form summer to form a team, we will invite players form tryouts.